The farmLe Roggiole Farm, Italian winery.

In 1435 the highest administrative body of the Serenissima Republic of Venice the "Consiglio dei Pregadi", on the advice of the experts "Savi della Terraferma" Foscarini and Bembo, decided to provide for the irrigation of the arid and poor countryside of Treviso. This would change it into rich lands, where cattle could breed and vineyards could cultivate.
The "Brentella di Pederobba" as link road was then established to irrigate the Montebelluna and Castelfranco areas. Afterwards, with the goods offices of Michele di Villorba, the "Piavesella di Nervesa della Battaglia" was expanded to carry water to the surrounding countryside and nearby villas through a "roggia", an irrigation ditch derived from Piave (which is where "Le Roggiole" gets its name).
Thanks to these waterworks, the Treviso lands proved to be full of qualities which stood them out, not only for their productivity, but also for their refinement.
The decision of Mons.della Casa to write "Il Galateo" from the Benedectine abbey of Nervesa, immersed in the countryside between the Piave and Montello, now DOC Piave area, further illustrates that.
Within this traditional context grows the innate passion for the pleasure of the table of the Severin and Marian family, who since 1929 has been working in the food industry. Nowadays, they are also involved in wine making, being committed to keep up a family tradition that has lasted for 4 generations. The Farm "Le Roggiole" was established in 2004, when the first 8000 vines were planted in a holding called Hosteria Nova. This holding has been listed in a topographic drawing dated as far back as 1679 and is located adjacent to "roggia" which has given rise to the "Piavesella di Nervesa". That's how a perfect marriage between tradition and love for the land and the most advanced production technologies was conceived. The cellar is located in a land bordering the vineyards and is completely underground, to obtain an even temperature essential for the production and preservation of the best wine. There it is matured for 24 months in oaks barrels before being bottled.
Moreover, the farm draws on the 30 years experience of an oenologist Mr Luigi Polese of Friuli Collio Veneto, who, with his professional competence, contributes to produce an excellent product.
In fact, the wines of "Le Roggiole" have been appreciated and often rewarded during local events.

Azienda Agricola le Roggiole, the story

"... we must not yield our hearts to our misfortunes,
For we shall gain nothing by being distressed,
The best remedy is to fetch wine and then get drunk."

(Alceous, Greek lyric poet, 5th century B.C.)